Pupils dig in to improve woodland

Title: Pupils dig in to improve woodland
Location: Sconce and Devon Park
Description: Pupils dig in to improve woodland

Some 18 pupils from Holy Trinity Primary School got to grips with planting a dozen oak and cherry trees in woodland at Sconce and Devon Park as part of a project funded by the Greenwood Trust, guided by park rangers from Newark and Sherwood District Council.

Sconce and Devon Park Ranger George Hemstock and apprentice Haddon Smith, 19, oversaw the year three to year five children plant the trees to improve the woodland, counter climate change and provide a food source and habitat for local wildlife.

“The planting helped to increase the children’s understanding of the outdoors and to teach them about trees and wildlife, so it’s all beneficial,” said George. ”And as well as having an Eco Schools committee at the school, they name all their classes after trees, so it all ties in.

“The trees we planted were bird cherry, which help to form a border on the outer part of the broadleaf woodland, and English oak, which we planted in the understory – the area of shrubs and small trees inside the main canopy of the wood.”

Apprentice Haddon said: ‘It was good to see the children enjoying themselves and mucking in. It was a great experience.’’

Picture shows: Two pupils from Holly Trinity Primary School’s Eco team planting a bird cherry tree with Ranger George Hemstock (centre).


Start Time: 13:00
Date: 2015-01-28